MISSION: A Culture Management center where leaders meet to implement business strategy with cultural values, through intercultural communication services.

About Us

We are here to diversify and expand your business!

Global Intercultural Consulting (GIC) provides corporate communication expertise and support when a client is unable to fulfil a void within their business. This void is usually due to an intercultural communication plan that has yet to be implemented.

With a wealth of global experience, Global Intercultural Consulting provides organizations effective and strategic change. With the current global shift in communication, We provides an intercultural communication strategy by setting up partnerships with practical expert advice, with an international vision.

” Our consulting has provided services around the world ~ in which the demand for quality means pulling against the stream.”  – GIC

“No man’s knowledge can go beyond his experience”.

-John Locke, Essay Concerning Human Understanding


Global Intercultural Consulting

Strategic Counsel For Leadership In Global Engagement & Intercultural Communication

pulling against the stream...

Footprints on both sides of the Hemisphere

14 cities and 3 continents


1996-2003 – ASIA

Intercultural communication
assignments in Asia & Canada


2003-2013- USA

Academia: Teaching of Intercultural
Communication ++ courses



Creation of JI-TO Consulting &
Established Office in W. Palm Beach

2020 -2021


Merged JI-TO Consulting with GIC.  Founded & Created the Global Intercultural Center

The Team

meet us

Our Team

Our team is international and are skilled to work remote or in person. We have a team of experts located throughout the globe from Singapore, Malaysia to Canada and the U.S.
Consulting experience in two global Regions Asia & North America and keeping ahead of the culture. We can meet you in these selected cities: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, New York, Chicago  and Miami.
We work across the globe and look forward to doing business with you in both North America and Asia.